What Is This About?

We are a Networking User Group in Texas working to make it easy for networking professionals to build connections with their peers.  This meetup intends to provide social networking opportunities for computer systems networking professionals in an open, vendor neutral (non-denominational) setting. We believe vendor specific user groups fracture the professional population and stifle discussions that incorporate heterogeneous solutions. This meetup should allow for us networking professionals to swap stories, information, and practices (best or not!) in today’s exciting and rapidly changing physical and virtual environments.

Join us for happy hour with technology presentations and commiserate/celebrate with other systems networking enthusiasts.

Why is This Group Different?

Whether you’re a staunch fan of Open Source Systems/Software, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, F5, Palo Alto, Arista, Juniper, VMWare, Fortinet, RedHat, or any myriad of others, we invariably interact with and support networks built with a combination of many vendors and providers.  Let us create a community where any networking technologies can be discussed.

We are focused on a building community for and by engineers.  We will be policing speakers, content, events, etc to ensure where there is bias and influence, it is minimal and transparent; above all this group intends to educate and build relationships between engineers and NOT be a sales channel for vendors.

Leadership is focused on these goals and welcomes feedback from the community to shape events, guests, and sponsors

Who Should Join?

Anyone who is currently working in the networking profession – routing, switching, wireless, security, datacenter, application delivery, cloud, automation, virtualization, systems, etc

Who Are We?

We are a group of network engineers representing a cross section of industries in the central Texas region with presence in San Antonio and Austin.  We are building an open community for network engineers focused on sharing knowledge and experiences.

(TX)NUG Steering Committee

Shawn Jones

Shawn Jones has been in the network industry for almost 4 years after he left another career to follow his passion of IT. His current venture is an IT training company that he started in early 2019. Particular topics of focus are people management and training.

Brian Gleason

Brian Gleason

Brian Gleason is a full-time lead network engineer for a leading integrated circuit design/manufacturing company in Austin, TX. He has been in the IT industry in various roles for more than 20 years and focuses on network technologies in the enterprise space.

Curtis Harrell

A network engineer in San Antonio and Austin since the late 90’s.   Current areas of interest are Security, DataCenter, and Automation.  Tell me about the *fun projects you’re working on!

  *for values of fun greater than zero